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Flexiroam X will change the way you roam forever

When Flexiroam made its debut in 2011, it revolutionized the way we roamed overseas. For a low MYR10 fee, it enabled you to receive and make unlimited number of calls back home, while keeping your mobile number. Well that’s all good, but times have changed. Consumers now want data, and they want access to data when they’re travelling overseas. Here’s the perfect solution – Flexiroam X – Flexiroam’s latest smartphone solution that delivers you more data for roaming, for less dollars. The service has just been introduced in Australia, where it hopes to win the hearts of 9 million Australians who travel overseas each year.

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Wiyo international Pocket Wi-Fi rental now in Malaysia


Hong Kong-based Wiyo (pronounced “Wai-Yo”) has made an entrance to Malaysia. If you’ve been abroad for business or leisure, you may have encountered problems getting connected to the internet or face shocking roaming fees when you get home. Admit it, you’ve been there. With Wiyo, though, you’re assured of fast, convenient connectivity with a predictable, flat fee.

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