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[Download] Clarion AX1 Firmware Update v816 and Power Firmware v2.06 released (Updated)

Clarion AX1 FW update

*UPDATE below* Clarion Malaysia introduced its first retail Android-powered Clarion AX1 car entertainment system back in September 2013. Android in your car sounds intriguing enough, as the automotive grade solution boasts a smartphone-like interface, a plethora of features including GPS, embedded apps and more. Having installed one in my car, I have to say that the journey has been far from smooth. Full-featured but ultimately full of bugs and ‘not ready for prime time’ would be how I’d describe the AX1. More details on this in a proper review coming soon. Good news though, after half a dozen firmware updates, things have gotten better and better. And Clarion has just rolled out Firmware Update v.816, and Power Firmware v.2.06. Read on.
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