STOMPed and Lovin’ It!

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Mom, what’s ‘STOMP’? If it makes you think of screaming, running kids making lots of incoherent noise, you are half right. Well, not quite. It is far from incoherent, and far from being just ‘noise’.

So what exactly is STOMP? I’d call it a buffet of music, rhythm and dance, theatre and performance arts. A well-choreographed blend of bodies and movement, of sounds and music, made with everyday objects. If the prices of brooms suddenly escalate, you can suspect it’s due to the STOMP. The amount of brooms they break! Geez!

Who ever could imagine sweeping could produce such a rhythm, such addictive music? Needless to say, I’ll never look at a kitchen sink, rubber hose, pail, matchbox and broom the same way again!

With a cast of 8 of very distinct personalities and characters, you’d be absolutely amazed at the dance routines and the choreography. The coordination spot on. And the music they make just makes you want to get on your feet and boogy.

No speech and no dialogue. And none needed really.

STOMP has no hidden message – just focused, passionate music-making bordering on comedy. Very street influenced, I found it veered slightly towards Latin beats and grooves. I’m not complaining though. Couldn’t keep my feet still nor could I stop my body from swaying! It was just fantastic.

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The gifted cast never failed to impress with their percussion skills, and kept the audience intrigued and on their feet the whole duration of the 2-hour show.

I had to sell my left arm, right kidney and right foot to buy the tickets (RM180 x 2 tix, one for my boo) but I came out of the Istana Budaya auditorium last night feeling happy and fulfilled. Money well-spent methinks. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet or not planned to watch STOMP, well, you HAVE to! An experience not to be missed, surely.

Be STOMPed or be square!
STOMP runs till the 25th of September 2005.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s superb!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Vernon, I saw Stomp back in ’98 and totally loved it. A fantastic show!

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