Square Enix: Beyond Epic New FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer.

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I am a sucker for good trailers. And now, I actually have the urge to get this game and spend some sleepless nights with it. Square Enix‘s attempt on resurrecting Final Fantasy XIV might actually work. Well, it’s worked for me, at least for now.

This post is to actually show how epic Square Enix can be. It’s brought a little glimmer of hope to the MMO franchise.

P.S. There is a dragon in this trailer, maybe Bahamut or Tiamat? And was that a MEGAFLARE?

Enjoy the trailer peeps. Please don’t let the Fantasy end for real Square Enix, pioneer of the JRPG genre. Please make a legendary MMO that can beat the other franchise that has the blonde-spiky hair dude carrying that humongous sword. Pretty please, with sugar on top dressed with cherries.


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