Sing It To Me, Baby!

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If there’s one thing great about Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, it’s the introduction of Dashboard and Widgets. Mini-applications, some completely useless but fascinating, that help spice up your desktop. My boo introduced me to one useful one – Sing that iTune!

This widget displays lyrics for the iTunes track currently playing, along with its artwork, where available. There’s even an option to save lyrics in music files is also available. Fantastic! I’ve tested with some tracks downloaded from the web, and also ripped (legally) from my personal CD collection. Works like a charm. Highly recommended, this!

Some features at a glance:
– Multi-lingual (English, Japanese and Chinese)
– Handles radio streaming titles.
– Retry or search Google when the lyrics is not found.
– You can edit the lyrics right on the widget.
– iTunes controller. (Click the artwork to show.)

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  • Anonymous


    yeah man! a full blown ka-ka-roke machine!

  • Anonymous

    looks like your powerbook can now function as a karaoke machine… almost.

  • Anonymous


    yeah man. it so rocks!


    you gotta go Tiger, you gots to!


    hehehe. no worries. technology always leaves people feeling that way!

  • Anonymous

    This looks cool! i feel so out of date now. *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    dang! i was actually looking for something like that…didnt know widget has it! i need Tiger!!!! but so lazy to back up files la…sigh

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely one of my favourite widgets too!

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