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Russia Did What? Google-Less Android?

Russian Android........Say What?
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Russian Android……..Say What?

I kid you not. Russia is apparently launching an Android look alike that does not allow Google to data mine users personal data information when using an Android device. Meet the Russian Mobile Operating System or RoMOS.

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Apparently, Russia came out with this operating system as a counter to Google‘s Android OS. Due to security concerns, Russia believed that data mined could be used against the user, and may expose sensitive data or communications. This was a highlighted concern by the Russian defence chiefs.

The RoMOS  was showcased at the Berlin electronics show, which is priced at 15,000 rubles ($460) a piece. The developers say that the RoMOS is hack-proff and prevents any data-gathering from the user. The developers also added support for Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), an alternative to GPS. This was also added in as a concern that the U.S. government will one day limit the use of GPS. Currently, Apple’s iPhone 4S supports GLONASS.

The device will be the first 10 inch tablet assembled in Russia, although the components are manufactured elsewhere. The tablet is also said to be shock-proof and water-proof. Currently, this OS is targeted for use by their military and government personnel but a consumer grade model will be available with different pricing and features.

P/S:  “Foreign-built components”, my guess its gonna be from CHINA! – moses

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Source: pcworld, gadgets.ndtv, ubergizmo


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