Ragnarok Online 2: A Short Closed Beta Review Part I

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IA - Lazada

With RO2’s launch in our midst, we are just about two weeks away from the essence of Midgard. Since there is two weeks to spare, let us all sit down and enjoy the introduction of RO 2 before the launch of the opening at 27 December shall we?

Character Creation: Off with the Novice and Stats Distribution System!

Like any MMO, you get your typical choice of gender (Male and Female), choice of hairstyles, and other aesthetics like facial expressions, colors and eye designs. Now, what really determines your character is the class you choose. Let’s start as a novice like…wait. There are no novices anymore. Unlike the previous RO where everyone usually starts as a novice, now you get to choose your class in the character creation screen. Kinda cool and err…WoW-ish in a way.

Image via RO2 Playpark

1. Your gender. Select a female avatar to get a head start by having male players giving you free gear.

2. Select your class. No more novices in RO 2. Hence, no more pathetic moments like dying in the hands of Porings (especially to caster classes such as Acolyte/Mage where they have pathetic physical damage.)

3. Bla bla bla. Description about your class. Where a Swordie can be a Knight or a Warrior. More will be explain in the next posts.

4. Jobs. This is the new Dual-Life System. You can be a Wizard that mixes their own potions, a Knight that forges their own sword and it’s all thanks to this new job system. If you are tired of fighting and you need a break, you can always train your job class instead. Sweet? Choose between the Chef, Blacksmith, Artisan or Alchemist.

5. Appearances. Do I seriously need to explain this? It’s to determine how you want to look in the game. Although this game is Korean-made, I have no idea whether there will be a plastic surgery clinic feature in the game.

6. IGN (In-game name). Your unique identity in the world of Midgard.

7. The confirmation button. The one last step to enter Midgard.

8. How you will look like for the rest of your life if there is no…I better stop with the plastic surgery jokes.


Overhaul: Attributes!

For veteran RO players like me, my knowledge on the previous game is useless for RO2. If you’re familiarized with RO1, be assured that RO2 is different. The changes included affect the 6 main attributes from its predecessor:  Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Luck (LUK), Intelligent (INT), Vitality (VIT) and Agility (AGI).

Not only did they removed LUK and added in Will as a replacement, they changed the whole definition of those stats. STR no longer only increases damage but also increases defense rating. Critical rates and evasion are affected by AGI now. Before I seriously jump into this I will need to remind you this is the close beta and nothing is final.

After your character achieves a new level, you will not be able to freely add any points to the attribute you desire anymore. Yes, stats will be automatically added every time you level up and it is very heavily determined by your equipment. This might sting for some veteran players out there.

Yes, it is indeed shocking that RO 2 have changed this much along the way. However, if you are tired with it you can always go back to the good ol’ Ragnarok Online. These changes are for the better, things are simpler and friendlier to every player out there.

However, a good MMORPG experience is not always about the gameplay mechanics, it is also very heavily dependent on the community. We don’t like our adventures ruined by some impolite cyberspace strangers. In other words, I believe that: No matter what the gameplay mechanics is, you can never change the mindset of the community you are playing with. If the community is corrupted and bullish I guess that’s how the experience is – a hellish wonderland filled with a whole bunch of kill-stealers and impolite noobs.

Stay tuned for more short updates and the upcoming Part II: Of Cards and Equipments.

If you have yet to signed up for RO 2, feel free to click here and register yourself. Then, wait for 27 December for the Open Beta.

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  • Denice

    cant wait for open beta

  • piggy697

    Haha the game is server down right? But your explanation is funny ^^

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