Caught! Life in the Fast Lane.

This is my second summon since I got my Satria R3 in December 2004. Was on my way to Johor for a drift event. Glad they didn’t catch me at 220km/h, which I was travelling at, at some point.

Arrgh. RM150 poorer. Bah!

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Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day One

I hardly caught any sleep before I had to get up at 5.30am, on a day which usually involves recuperative sleep at the start of the weekend. It was a mad, mad rush the night before to get everything settled – stocking up on supplies, collecting my digicam from Stan, dropping of J’s car at my parents’, packing everything into my spanking new Vertikal backpack. Phew. Exhausting!

We congregated at Peanut’s apartment in USJ at 6.30am, where a cab was already waiting, where we also met Cat, another friend on the trip. Four of us, strangely enough, are designers by profession. The cab took us to the recently launched Low Cost Carrier Terminal or LCCT, at KLIA.
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Back to Civilisation. Reluctantly.

The moment we alighted from the Air Asia Boeing 737, our skin welcomed the cool air. The heat and humidity that we’ve encountered over the past 7 days in Cambodia and Vietnam became mere memories. Almost instantly, we stopped perspiring. Although reluctant to come home and face the dread of the office come Monday, I think we were thankful for the less harsh weather.

The Cambodia-Vietnam trip was awesome. Will write a detailed account ala journal in my next post, with plenty of pics to boot. Hopefully it will be somewhat an informal, unofficial guide for those planning to visit our northern neighbours.
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Cambodia, here we come!

Will be taking a week’s hiatus from the hustle and bustle, and sadly, blogging. I’m off to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and also Vietnam from tomorrow and for the next 7 days.

I promise to take lots of pics (as much as my 20th Century 32MB Sony memory stick can carry) and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back. If I don’t step on a landmine and join Cobain in heaven, that is.

I am leaving you civilised people. Don’t forget me.

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Not Hot. Eric Deli Paradise, Plaza Damas.

For some strange reason, we all decided to go to Eric Deli Paradise for lunch. Owned by popular comedian and everybody’s favourite actor – Eric Tsang of Hong Kong, Eric Deli Paradise seemed a spacy, modern Chinese restaurant.

This is not a restaurant review. Nor will it be a food review. Despite the initial impression of the interior – spartan but adequate, and spacious, the 16 of us came out disappointed and even though I did not pay for the meal, felt we were ripped off in some way.

The food was so-so, really nothing to shout about. I would have gladly walked 400m in the opposite direction and plonked my flabby butt at Kim Gary’s and be happy. The servings were so minute, you’d need a magnifying glass to be able to make out what was on the plate.
I am not posting any pics of the food either, coz it’s not really worth showing. The only saving grace was the rice. Seriously. Chewy, al dente. Full.

Otherwise, a BITTER disappointment. A big zero.

Eric, one word of advice – stick to acting.


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12-inch MacBook Pro on the way?

An Intel-based 12-inch MacBook Pro may be on the way according to popular rumour site macosXrumors.

It is expected to be even thinner than the current Apple offerings, and is slated to appear sometime second quarter of this year.

In the meantime, we should see the 13-inch entry-level MacBook (replacing the iBook) soon. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, anyone interested in a less-than-a-year old 1.33Ghz PowerBook G4, with 12″ display, 1.25GB RAM, 80GB harddrive, 64MB VRAM, Airport + Bluetooth built-in, combo drive, Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.5, please contact me. Bundling together with Radtech keyboard protector and sleeve worth RM200. Still under warranty. Going for RM4.75K negotiable. Add RM300 for an exclusive Crumpler bag. Or take the whole lot for RM5K.

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