Slowmyx strikes. Again.

I am appalled. Flabbergasted. Helpless. Angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. Find all the verbs you can think of, and insert them here ____. My connection at home is pretty fucked I tell you. I know I’ve bitched, ranted, whined and complained about this time and time again, but as long as our national internet service provider continues to shove bad service down our poor Malaysian throats, I ain’t backing down muthafucka.

Things took a turn for the worse this past week. Speeds were as low as 60Kbps if I could connect at all. Bloody ports could not hold consistent pings, shutting down every 5 minutes. This happens mostly on downloads. Uploads seem ok, although for my sakes (and sanity), downloading holds far more importance.

I feel the world just flew past me. Blazing fast!

Ah…speeds of the 21st century!

Latest news, from the horse’s mouth, is that a third party contractor dug up TM cables at Dataran Maybank, causing connection problems and slow speeds. Hmmph. Believe what you need to believe. That doesn’t explain the shitty speeds I’ve had to put up with for more than a month. I’ve received a payment reminder from TM, but I can’t give two flying fucks about paying. I have consumer rights goddammit. I pay for 1Mbps and you give me 100Kbps. I WILL NOT tolerate such madness.

Whilst my hair drops at an alarming rate, my blood boils. My facial muscles toned from all the wincing and orgasm-like grimacing. Arrgh.

This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

The frustration continues.

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R3 Time Attack Challenge 1dot6 : No Podium

Picture courtesy of Dennis Woo

The just concluded R3 Time Attack Challenge 1dot6 over the weekend was both exciting and fun. I returned home without a podium finish at the end of the day, missing 3rd place by just 0.5seconds, but that’s the way it is in sport. Will be back to battle another day most definitely. Find a detailed write-up on The R3gister!

A huge, massive thank you to R3. First and foremost for bringing racing to our roots. Overall, a well-organised and smooth-running event. Kudos. And secondly as sponsors of Stage 2 parts for my car, including moral and technical support.

Also a big hand to new sponsors Silverstone tires (thanks Russell Palmer!), Ultra Racing, Racecraft, Kazuto Garage and Tufoil!

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All set, raring to go!

It’s the start of a new racing season. The R3 Time Attack is back with a vengeance. Formerly known as the R3 Street ShootOut Championships, the R3 Time Attack 1dot6 Championships features a new class, new rules and better prizes.

The clutch is slipping like hell. I am bedding in new brake pads. Team Tze Racing, the racing team I am part of with race partner Stan, have secured a couple of new sponsors – Silverstone (semi-slick tires), Kazuto Garage (Enkei RP01 rims!) and Racecraft (carbon fibre bonnet!) for the 2006 season. We also look forward to having Triniti clutches to support our campaign in the coming events. Big thanks to R3, Ultra Racing and Tufoil who have supported us all this while, too!

Hell, slipping clutch or otherwise, I am ready. I am sooooo ready!

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If the iPod was a phone, what would it be like?

Isamu Sanada, famous Japanese product designer, whose cutting-edge concepts of Apple products has left the world salivating and wanting (yours truly, absolutely included!), has done it again with his Apple iPod-phone hybrid concepts.

Apple has always been rumoured to add a full-featured, multimedia phone to its expanding product line, although CEO Steve Jobs has openly denied this countless times. The closest ever realisation is the iTunes compatible Motorola ROKR mobile phone. Even so, implementation is far from ideal.

But imagine this. Imagine the Apple mobile. A hybrid of the best features from the iPod (music playing, photos, videos, PDA features) and that of a very advanced mobile platform, like a Sony Ericsson. Made to please.

Of course, undeniably, you have one of the best mobile phones on the planet already with the Sony Ericsson W900i.

Oh well, while we wait, let’s just drool over some Sanada concepts shall we?

A few strangely, look like current offerings from Sony Ericsson. Sony inspired by Sanada? Who knows? But if Apple ever released mobile phones, take your pic people. Stunning.

By the way, if you happen to own a 1st or 2nd Gen iPod and your battery’s gone wonky, fret not. I am here to rescue you from the valley of darkness. I have in limited stock, Newer Technologies replacement batteries, for a very low price of RM128. Contact me for orders. Cheerios!

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Me, surprised? Hell no!

March 2 is always a special day for me. (mark that in your calendars guys and girls!) It reminds me of yesterday, and shows me today how much I have moved on and also ultimately, what lies ahead.

Outright celebrating with a lavish dinner or party is another thing though. I just wanted a quiet, cosy dinner with my family and a couple of close friends and loved ones. So much for personal wants.

It was well-plannned I must say. Alvin, my pal picked me up from home, as I did not have a car for a few days (nicely parked at the 1Utama old wing concourse, like a slut demanding attention). We were to meet my parents, brothers and friends at Uncle Chilli’s, Mid Valley.
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Car wash, anyone?

Your car will thank you for this! Macha, careful where you’re spraying…

I’ve decided to not continue sending my car to the usual ‘macha’ car wash again. Since discovering a better, wetter, hotter version ala One Night At McCool’s (remember that hot scene with Liv Tyler?) in Singapore, that is.
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