When it rains, it pours!

Oops. Wrong pic.

Ah. There you go. Notice how someone dropped his/her umbrella.

Mother Nature is mad at something or someone. She’s pouring down again – cats, dogs, cows, hippos! Maybe she’s testing the SMART tunnel (which evidently, as reported in the Star, is leaking water!) Management just announced that basement 2 is starting to flood again, just as flood waters from Sunday had been cleared yesterday. It’s mad.

Water level is rising again. Arrgh! Prepare for massive jams and delays!
Pics stolen for Corbis.

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Water, water everywhere!

There is never a compromise is there? No grey area. It’s either black or white. Pregnant or not pregnant. Never half pregnant. Half empty half full. No idea what I’m babbling about? It’s the weather. Although no stranger to the tropical weather, monsoons and what not, sometimes I wish for some moderate, in-between type climate.

I mean in Malaysia we either get a bloody heatwave, or a thunderstorm. The unexpected flash floods that hit the city just two days ago is testament of how crazy and unforgiving Malaysian rains can be. Just when I was complaining about the unbearable heat. Hah.

This is nuts.

Jalan Yap Kwan Seng went seriously underwater. And so did many of the major KL roads. And so did my office’s basement car park. Can you imagine Basement 2? It was submerged. One could easily dive in (although I won’t – blurrggh!) and have a swim! Ok, maybe not. The water is sickly murky and full of crap. I got flashbacks of my previous car being semi-submerged a couple of years ago. In the same car park. Doesn’t help when the office is close to the dreaded Gombak river. Time and time again it overflows its bank due to sheer volume of water. And this attributed to only 3 hours of downpour. Imagine if it was longer?

And in the news yesterday, Pak Lah had urged the authorities to speed up drainage works to solve the flood problem. Whatever happened to the mega-ringgit SMART tunnel? No so smart at this point. It’s bloody supposed to solve 95% of the flooding problem.

I think the 5% was left at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on Sunday. Heh.

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An Ode to CHIQ

This is a tribute to Chiq who passed away today. For those who knew her closely knew she battled depression and for those who knew her as friends (like me) were blind and clueless to the fact that she, the bubbly person that she was, was indeed fighting to find a reason to not leave this dreaded planet.

This is to you, CHIQ. You will be missed.


Links to whom share friendship and love for CHiQ:

In memoriam – CHiQ aka Valerie Tay – 1981-2007

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A 1986 Mac Plus Vs 2007 AMD Dual Core: Guess who wins?

45865_f260.jpg It’s a most unlikely duel. Impossible even. A state-of-the-art (er..way back then) 8Mhz Motorola 68000 processor pitting against a monster AMD 64 x2 4800+ with two cores, each running at 2.4GHz. That’s about a 600 times processing power difference! 4MB RAM (maxed!) against 1GB. SCSI 40MB hard drive versus a 120GB IDE. Mac OS 6.0.8 versus Windows XP.

Pretty obvious which is faster right? Think again. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years, but as Hubpages discovered through a series of real world tests, the ‘user experience’ has NOT changed. And there has been absolutely NO advancement in productivity. An interesting read indeed!

Image courtesy of Hubpages 

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Water Vending Machine Business – Beware!

In the media tomorrow, you will read in the media how 15 professionals had invested over RM350,000 in reverse osmosis (RO) water vending machine businesses which promised Guaranteed Capital Returns within 3 years and minimum monthly income of RM1,500 per month. You will also read how these companies overpromise and ultimately under-deliver their fantastic income projections and investor perks during their sales pitches.

Legit businesses or avenue for another financial scam? At least two of the bigger companies have won numerous awards and have been featured in the media for outstanding business achievements. But do awards tell the whole truth?

I think not. 

So why am I suddenly rambling about the water vending business? Because I am one of the many investors sold to the promise of passive income and fuss-free investment (or so we thought). Reality rears an ugly head. I will elaborate more tomorrow. Today has been a day of discussions with the Public Service and Complaints Dept, press conference with the media and filing of police report. It’s been exhausting. This does not include my day job!

Leaking like a leaky faucet.

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What’s with the weather?


What’s with the bloody weather? It feels like the Middle East! I feel like a hot, fat beef patty on an open flame. (refer to reference image above courtesy of Corbis). Arrgghhh. This isn’t funny at all. I bet it’s 30 degrees now, at 12.30am! This is terrible. It’s muggy, it’s humid, it’s stuffy and hot. Unbearable. I’ve just taken my 5th shower of the day and I still feel crap. I mean feeling sweaty and irritable all day can’t be good right? You what’s the damnest thing? My car airconditioning died on me. It’s unbelievable. I bet I have the sweatiest arse on the road.

Can anyone explain this heat? Arrgh. It’s also pretty hazy. More Indon fires?


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