Black Stallions Invade SIC

The morning started off early as 4 Satria R3s (No.6, 7, 8 and 9) assembled at Dengkil Rest Area with Faisal (R3 Marketing) and Amin (R3 Media Manager) in their Proton Perdana Pace Car. It was quite a sight to see a small convoy of ‘Incognito Black’ hot hatches led by a fiery red Perdana cruising towards the Sepang International Circuit.
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Rubber Burning With Lotus Club / Track Day Tips

A total of 10 Satria R3s will be joining 20 Lotus cars for a special track day at Sepang International Circuit tomorrow morning. For most of us, except car no.6, who popped the cherry last weekend with the K-cars at the Japan K4 Grand Prix, this would be THE inaugural track day. And for the hardcore few like me, I am pissing my pants in excitement. Tengku Djan, successful racecar driver and Head of Race Rally Research (R3) will be there to give us tips and tutorials on proper control of the SR3 as well as track familiarisation. Djan, evidently, was trained by Lotus, and he personally tuned the suspension of the ‘one of the best handling hot hatches in the market’ (as quoted by Autocar – Feb 05 issue).
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Mine’s Bigger Than Yours, bruv!

We had a mini gathering of sorts – the four Satria R3 owners at Revolution, a workshop located off Old Klang Road, on Saturday morning. I met Luke, owner of car No. 0013 at Jalan Gasing before we had breakfast near the workshop.

Luke pointed out another inconsistency with the Satria R3s. Noticing that the air-con hose in my engine bay is smaller than his, we proceeded to check this anomaly out. Sure enough, upon popping the hood of his black stallion and inspection, his air-con hose was indeed bigger in diameter. Does size matter? 😀 Guys can’t stop comparing and competing with each other can they? Not even for a second. It was weird. And funny. I remember quoting “macam paip lori wei!”. Maybe they ran out of stock?
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New Models from Proton

The latest spyshots of the Satria Replacement Model or SRM for short confirms the existence of a new facelifted Satria, to replace the ageing Mitsubishi Colt-based Satria and Satria GTis on the road currently. Spyshots have been circulating around for yonks, but the latest to come out from the factory seems genuine and is backed up by another spyshot of a SRM spotted on the road in Kesas.

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Looking at a broke 2005

iPod Shuffle - Tiny but Mighty!

I hate Steve Jobs. I really do. He has this uncanny ability to judge the market. He knows what we want. He knows what we will want in the future. He rocks. He is GOD. Not satisfied that the original iPod and its siblings enjoy 50% of the digital music player market, he introduces the ultra-cool iPod Shuffle. I am salivating and just cannot wait to get my hands on one. Or two. Available in 512MB and 1GB versions, the tiny iPod Shuffle starts at USD99. I’m peeing my pants in excitement. This is huge doods.

Oh btw, catch the iPod Shuffle ad.

Mac Mini - Also Tiny but Also Mighty!

Oh, one more thing. The super-small Mac Mini. Whoa. Powered by either a 1.25Ghz or 1.42Ghz PowerPC G4 processor, it isn’t the quickest in the market, but it IS the cheapest Mac money can buy at USD499 – that’s equivalent to less than 2,000 Agong heads. RM2,000! Excluding monitor of course. Hitting the sub-USD500 market is an excellent idea. And what’s better to have your choice of el cheapo PC-monitors to go with it. 😀 This is BIG doods. BIG. Humongous.

And I want this. And the iPod Shuffle. And the iPod Mini. And a Powerbook. Sorry for being greedy. But they rock!

I Love You, Steve. I declare 2005 the Year of the Mac.

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Satria R3: Life at 2000 clicks

“Tweet tweet, tweet tweet”, goes the stock alarm of the black stallion some of us know as the Satria R3. Then the Captor. I open the unfamiliar door and wiggle my way into those snuggly red-black Recaro SR4 semi-bucket seats. Adjusting it slightly for optimum reach and leg positioning, I grip excitedly on the MOMO Tuner steering. Keys in the ignition, crank. I am greeted by an enthusiastic growl then muted burble. My heart races.

Fast forward 2,000 kilometres. It’s amazing. It’s been a month since that fateful day I collected my car. Many days of driving pleasure no doubt! My first impressions of the nippy sudo-race car were positive, although slightly marred by the usual Proton QC problems like power windows, flimsy plastics and questionable installation quality. And drive, I did, while considering suitable fuel to feed the tuned 4G93P lump.
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On The Mac Side

Need a fuss-free computer that doesn’t break the bank? How about a RM2,000 Mac? Impossible? Think again. Or perhaps Think Different, whatever fits the situation.

According to the infamous rumour site Think Secret, Apple is reported to be readying an entry level Mac, to be targetted at PC users who buy the iPod and have concerns over compatibility. Codenamed “Q88”, the Mac will be sold sans a screen and should be revealed sometime in January.

The lowest priced Mac in Apple’s stable is currently occupied by the eMac, starting from RM3,300.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it is obvious that Apple is taking advantage of its stronghold of the digital music player market with its successful iPod and iPod Mini variants. The sleek music player has seen 2 million units shipped, contributing $537 million to Apple’s bottomline in the 3rd quarter of 2004.


On the .Mac front, Apple is planning to increase storage space of .Mac subscribers to as much as 1GB, in addition to new services in 2005. This is a welcome moved considering the increasing demand for bigger storage amongst netizens. Competition from Spymac, GMail and Yahoo Mail is fierce and bigger storage can only benefit subscribers of .Mac.

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