OnLive is saved by Lauder Partners

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OnLive Lives Yet Again……For Now!


Yes, we can rejoice (a while) as OnLive is saved! OnLive is saved by none other than their Lauder partners, their investors from 2009. Yup, now running under a new management, OnLive retains its name. So technically, OnLive was bought over by… OnLive.

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Confused? Read further……

The story behind it? There were rumors circulating the web that OnLive were facing some problems, so they laid off a large fraction of their staff and went off radar. An official press release cleared up the rumors recently.

You may read the press release at the SOURCE below. All in all, I guess OnLive will live to fight another day in the tireless and competitive industry of gaming. Let’s see what is in store next the new “OnLive”.

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