Time flies doesn’t it? It’s bloody 2006 already. I’ve lived 3.1 decades and counting. Bejeezuz. It’s scary, exciting, unflailingly unpredictable. Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Que sera sera. Eh?


2006 is as eccentric and psychedelic as I want it to be. That’s right. I claim rights to two-zero-zero-six. Or two-naught-naught-six. I declare it my year. To hell with everyone. To hell with logic and every rational thought conceivable. THIS IS MY YEAR.

And, my resolution is…

Waitaminnit! I need a resolution? I mean, it’s the new year. I need something to make me new. To be new. To be different from last year. To not do things I did last year. To do things I did not do last year. Hmm.

What the heck. Resolutions don’t work for me. You know why? I’d much prefer to declare it then do it. Right that very instant. I don’t need to remind myself – “Oh, you need to lose 5 kilos this year.” Or, “you need to stop smoking.” I’m already doing it. I have already done it.

So here goes. *Drum roll…*

My resolution is 300dpi! It was 150dpi last year. Not too blur, not too sharp. This year’s more focused. Sharper. To the very dot. Complete and total detail at 800% zoom view.

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Hah! Take that.

Oh er… Happy New Year everyone! Have a splendid, fantastically funny, inhumanely prosperous and absolute butt-whipping 2006!

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  • Anonymous


    I’m used to 1600×1200 actually! Hahahha


    You bet, babes. How old did u think I was?–>

  • Anonymous

    What? 31 already?

  • Anonymous

    1280×1024! 😛

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