Was scrummaging the net looking for info on MIVEC gearboxes and stumbled on a wealth of information, thanks to the NZ-based MIVEC site, one with quite a bit of Malaysian presence. I found info on the MIVEC RS and some detailed specs. Impressive to say the least.

Power rating is 175bhp at the flywheel.

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RS version has:
Titanium valves
Different cam profiles
Different air intake
40kg weight reduction
Heavy duty gearbox output shaft
Heavy duty clutch linings
Different 5th gear ratio
Lightened flywheel
Quick shifter
Strengthened lower suspension arms, front and back, with heavy duty bushes
Reinforcing plates on trailing arms to increase camber rigidity
High ratio steering rack (2.9 vs 3.1)
Increased steering pump flow with cooler
Larger proportioning valve in brake master cylinder
Modified fuel tank reservoir outlet to reduce surge
Double accelerator return springs
Water cooled oil cooler
50mm extractors
High flow catalytic converter & low pressure muffler
Thinner glass
No central door locking
Manual windows
Manual door mirrors
No rear wiper
No clock
One speed intermitent wipers
Air conditioning as an option
30mm less ground clearance
Stiffer shock settings
Front 15 inch 2 pot ventilated disc brake option
Helical LSD option
Choice of about 4 different computers
White only body with black mirrors
Extra body spot welds
Different centre console
Flame resistant interior
No boot carpet
No underseal

Good stuff!
Sounds like something R3 would do! Salivating as I read more!
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By Vernon

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3 replies on “MIVEC RS”

Yeah, from the start if ever I was going to plonk a MIVEC in my old SGTI, it would have been from the RS model. But from what I hear (from a friend of mine who spends his free time in half cut shops), these engines are rare and hence difficult to find.

Wonder why proton never made an attemt to get these engines into a special edition SGTi.



The MIVEC gearbox has the same 1st to 4th gear ratio as the Proton F5M22-VRXE gearbox. Only 5th and final drive is different..


Thanks Andrew! I was told that the only thing different was the 1st gear ration and final drive. Guess I was wrong! 😀

Whatever it is, I need one!

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