Microsoft Breaking The Language Barrier?

Microsoft has been coming out with a lot of exciting stuff this year. One amazing technology they’ve recently previewed involves speech recognition.

Microsoft Research Asia was recently at Tianjin, China, on Oct. 25 during the 14th annual Computing in the 21st Century Conference to present its software called Speech Translation. Speech Translation has the ability to convert what you say into words on screen, much like subtitles in a movie. Speech Translation is not 100% accurate of course, but as the technology advances the possibilities are endless.

The biggest breakthrough of this software is when someone speaks English through it, the software is able to translate and speak in Mandarin and even with your own voice! The software currently has around 20% to 25% error margin, but it is still amazing to hear non-Mandarin speaking self, conversing in Mandarin!

The software needs the person to speak into the machine for about an hour to learn and imitate the voice of the particular person with certain accuracy.

So, what will Microsoft bring out of their crazy bag of innovations? Who knows what could be next? Animal speech translation maybe?

Here is the video below:


Source: Microsoft Research



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