Microsoft Study: Your PC Might Be Infected By Malware

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KUALA LUMPUR, 27 February 2013, – Counterfeit software is a very common thing in Malaysia. A Microsoft study found that one in two PCs running counterfeit software in Malaysia were infected with malware. Potentially dangerous malware such as “Zeus” Trojan was also found in one of them as well.

Since December 2012,  Microsoft examined a total of 282 computers and DVDs for the rate of infection. Their findings? A whopping 69% of them were malware-infected.

National Technology Officer of Microsoft Malaysia, Dr. Dzahr Mansor said that, “We’ve discovered 1,131 unique strains of malware in this study’s extended sample size – where 240 bypass checks for the genuine status of software while 891 can be considered “hostile”. “

He also added that, “Malware loaded onto counterfeit software infects and steals information from a victim’s computer. Cybercriminals are then able to use that information to illegally enter and abuse the victim’s online services, including online bank accounts, email systems, and social networking sites. This can have detrimental effects on users’ financial security and personal safety.”

Microsoft has highlighted some steps for consumers to avoid software piracy:

  • When purchasing a new PC, always insist on installing a genuine copy of the Operating System.
  • Buy from a trusted reseller and avoid deals that seem “too good to be true.”
  • Ensure all software purchases come in their original packaging.
  • When buying a PC with Windows, look for the genuine label and Certificate of Authenticity that Microsoft requires to be affixed to all PCs on which Windows is pre-installed. As a further check after purchase, log on to to confirm the label is authentic.
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If you are worried whether you are having a genuine software don’t hesitate to report it at



ASUS ZenBook 13 14
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