Anti-sedentary Flabby Ass Cheeks Speaks


My 33-year old body hurts. That’s no thanks to three sedentary weeks. Three weeks without futsal, gym workouts or any other physical exercise (no, sex does not count!). It’s amazing how much damage inactivity does to your body.

After postponing my first visit to the gym of the month on Tuesday, I decided Thursday was it. I was also motivated by the fact that buddy Faeez and colleague Hon was going as well. Faeez “Hard Your Core” has turned hardcore these days, not only has he extended his personal training program and started protein supplements, he is also aggressively working out six out of seven days in a week. Now, that my unfit buddies, is commitment. Some call it madness. This is the best example of self-motivation and discipline. And I salute that.

My goal is 4 times a week, including a day of futsal and I’m happy if I can consistently do that. What I regret not doing for the past 3 weeks was to a least work out a day or two in a week, and not rot at home in front of the computer, or stuffing myself over the Chinese New Year break.

Shit happens.

Anyways, Faeez and I worked out together, doing supersets of upperbody and abs yesterday. It’s good to have a gym buddy to push you. Well, my body’s aching, so that’s got to be a good sign – thus the cliched saying, “No pain, no gain.” I’m glad I’m back working out and looking forward to my personal training session on Saturday.

Hard your core!

Anti-sedentary Flabby Ass Cheeks

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Weight Watching 101


I had the pleasure of going for a body analysis test at the gym the other day.  Since realising how blubbery I was in September last year,  I had not only drastically changed my diet (I have been vegetarian for 4 months, but not vegan) but also hitting the gym regularly with some personal training thrown in for good measure. If self-realisation isn’t the BEST motivator, then nothing is.  Way back in October ’06, just a month since turning vegetarian and getting my ass to the gym, I shed 1.5 kilos.

Entering the fourth month, without as much personal training as I preferably want, I’ve hit 86.5 kilos! My body fat percentage has dropped from an unhealthy 25% to a leaner 19%. My short term target is to get within the 15-17% range and hopefully 12% in 2-3 months time. My trunk and legs muscle mass is above average. I’ll need to work more on building my upper body and muscle mass overall.

I’m most likely to modify my program with my PT to a more upper-body strength and mass-building program, as opposed to muscle endurance (for regular futsal purposes). I’d really like to bring my weight down another 3 kilos within these 2-3 months. I’m on track, and mighty pleased.

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Busted ankle. Down but not quite out.

Futsal night ended in a bit of misery (and lots of pain thrown in for good measure!) on Wednesday night. Just a minute after scoring a goal, while in pursuit of the ball in possession of my Spanish opponent, my left ankle got caught in an awkward position when I changed direction. Heard some unpleasant crackling and popping before I fell to the ground. I laid down grabbing my left leg, stunned for a minute or two. The rest of the playing gang surrounded me, thinking I had leg cramps initially. Needless to say, the pain was excruciating. Ankle swelled up as big as a fist.

I was lifted out of the pitch by my cousin Ivan (who complained I was heavy!) and Hon, my colleague.

The ankle swelled more as I rested. ‘Iced’ it down with a sufficiently chilled can of 100 Plus and some Deep Heat muscle pain relief spray I got hold of. Felt much relief after.

Pain when I got out of bed the next day was a big ‘Owwwwww’, for lack of better word. Stiff as hell, I limped to the loo. I took a day’s off to get my ankle checked out. Paid a visit to my favourite traditional physio in Paramount Garden in the morning. He looked at my ankle then at me and said “Futsal?”. Heh. He knew. “Everyday, I get people coming in here with injury from futsal.”

Crack. A very audible crackling from my ankle quickly translated to a very audible “OWWWWWWW!” from me as the physio popped my ankle back into place. He placed pressure on the painful bits and I could have cried. Painful.

Had him look at my right ankle which was painful due to stress. He laughed. “Both ankles! Hah, young man!”

I limped out of the clinic, both ankles bandaged. Got some stares too.

My ankles were in pain, but I think the thought of missing the R3 Time Attack Challenge 2dot6 2006 over the weekend in Danga Bay, Johor was even more painful. Points scored from the 1st edition R3TAC 1dot 6 in Shah Alam last month put me in a good 4th place in the championships. Partner and fellow TTR team-mate Stanley lies in 5th. I had to pull out, in disappointment, leaving Stan with my car flying the TTR flag.

Sad, but such is life eh?

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Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day One

I hardly caught any sleep before I had to get up at 5.30am, on a day which usually involves recuperative sleep at the start of the weekend. It was a mad, mad rush the night before to get everything settled – stocking up on supplies, collecting my digicam from Stan, dropping of J’s car at my parents’, packing everything into my spanking new Vertikal backpack. Phew. Exhausting!

We congregated at Peanut’s apartment in USJ at 6.30am, where a cab was already waiting, where we also met Cat, another friend on the trip. Four of us, strangely enough, are designers by profession. The cab took us to the recently launched Low Cost Carrier Terminal or LCCT, at KLIA.
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Back to Civilisation. Reluctantly.

The moment we alighted from the Air Asia Boeing 737, our skin welcomed the cool air. The heat and humidity that we’ve encountered over the past 7 days in Cambodia and Vietnam became mere memories. Almost instantly, we stopped perspiring. Although reluctant to come home and face the dread of the office come Monday, I think we were thankful for the less harsh weather.

The Cambodia-Vietnam trip was awesome. Will write a detailed account ala journal in my next post, with plenty of pics to boot. Hopefully it will be somewhat an informal, unofficial guide for those planning to visit our northern neighbours.
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Cambodia, here we come!

Will be taking a week’s hiatus from the hustle and bustle, and sadly, blogging. I’m off to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and also Vietnam from tomorrow and for the next 7 days.

I promise to take lots of pics (as much as my 20th Century 32MB Sony memory stick can carry) and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back. If I don’t step on a landmine and join Cobain in heaven, that is.

I am leaving you civilised people. Don’t forget me.

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