Are you the first-ever MTV World Stage Insider? #worldstagemy


Are you the Insider?

MTV Asia, has announced the hunt for the first-ever MTV World Stage Insider, where the chosen candidate will get to the coolest ten-day ‘job’ to be part of the MTV social media team. Not your typical nine-to-five job mind you, where the awarded candidate will get to represent fans and introduce them to the MTV Experience from the inside using live updates, videos, tweets and pictures of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013. The once-in-a-lifetime experience for the candidate will also include an engagement fee worth US$10,000.

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Fast for Malaysia 2013: A One-Day Fast for Unity and Peace #Fast4Malaysia


Come Wednesday, 31July 2013, throngs of Malaysians, regardless of race, creed or political standing, will be coming together to fast. The Fast For Malaysia idea is a brainchild of Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Rev Sivin Kit and Niki Cheong. Aptly this year, it is being done in the holy month of Ramadan, where our Muslim friends and families are already fasting.

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Carlsberg ‘Where’s The Party? 2013’ Takes Off with A Bang

Carlsberg WTP 2013 104

Carlsberg finally broke the month-long suspense, revealing the venue of its epic ‘Where’s The Party? 2013’ (WTP 2013) headliner event last Saturday, 6 July 2013. 3,000 party-goers (myself and guest included) were kept clueless on the venue until the very last moments, having only been told to meet at MAEPS, Serdang – one of the country’s largest exhibition parks.

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Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant Launch


What do you get when you bring creative heads from different disciplines together? You get an extraordinary creative space that fuses bespoke fashion and culinary delights. With Malaysia’s iconic fashion designer Beatrice Looi paving the way with her ever-changing designs and bold statements, Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is bound to make heads turn. Backed by celebrity chefs Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua, these two are creating gastronomic delicacies never-before-seen on plate, and not to forget, one of the finest cognac’s ever to be crafted: Martell. I guess you could say I was counting my lucky stars when I received my exclusive invitation to this glamorous event, being able to rub shoulders with KL’s top socialites, fashionistas, VIP’s and everything in-between.

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Carlsberg “Where’s The Party” 2013 is Back! Win Passes!

Carlsbery Where's the Party?


All dressed up and no where to go? Absolutely impossible. The talk of the town is Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party” 2013 – the most epic, most-anticipated party of the year. “Where’s The Party?” has been giving partygoers the biggest, hippest parties since 2010, and  this year’s Where’s The Party? is taking place on 6 July at a super secret location.

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