Jabra Gabra


Remember the HBH-65 Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset I bought online at Lelong a couple of months back? Let it remain a memory. A good one while it lasted. Which wasn’t long, really. Not after finding it in my washing machine when I was removing laundry to dry. And how in any humane sense of word did it get there? I don’t know.

It was definitely a step-up from the HBH-35 I was using for a while before it sputtered and refused to charge. With no battery replacement available, I decided to put it up for sale at Lelong, before it collected dust and cobwebs in my drawer. There was a buyer, surprisingly, snapped up like a Whopper.

Fast forward. Present time.

Before I settled for the HBH-65 previously, the Jabra BT800 caught my eye with its stupendously long list of features. But at RM350 (offer price!) for a brand new set over at Lelong (again), it was deemed slightly out of budget range.

So in the end, after much pondering and researching online, I placed an order for the Jabra BT330, a lightweight, no-frills Bluetooth headset costing just RM199. Nice.

17g. 7 hours talktime. 200hours standby time.

All that I’d ever need in a small package. Until next time I find a headset in my washing machine, this is my trusty communicating earpiece for now. And for now, I am a happy camper.

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