It Rewards to be an Italian Apple User

Italians got it good on this.

Apple recently ran into trouble with the Italian government. What is the problem you ask? AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare warranty plans to be exact.

Apparently, the Italian government were threatening to shut down Apple’s local business and charge heavy fines to for ignoring local warranty laws. Apple was fined around one million euros for selling paid warranties to Italian customers who should in fact get free coverage. Apple tried to get away by ignoring the Italian government law for a while but this led to the authorities to get more aggressive in its already tight enforcement.

According to European law, countries under it are entitled to a two-year free warranty policy. The Italian government’s consumer watchdog agency was the one to highlight this matter and went after Apple, claiming Apple did not make it clear to its Italian customers of their entitlement since late 2011.


With this case in the bag for Italy, The European Union’s Justice Commission is also sniffing further to see if Apple violated in other member countries as well.

P/S: Why doesn’t our Malaysian government do the same for us? Getting 2 years warranty is awesome! -MOSES


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