Impire: The Mightiest Ruler is an Imp, Coming Q1 2013.

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Image courtesy of Joystiq.

Cyanide Studios, maker of Game of Thrones, announced a new “Dungeon Keeper” inspired strategy game called Impire in today’s Paradox On Tour Event.

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Introducing Bjal – Abaddon, once a great demon imp, he is now on a quest to reclaim his thrown with your help. The demon imp can evolve into a powerful dungeon lord while you customize his weapons and armor, build a dungeon and kill adventurous heroes that try to stop his rebirth as the great demon imp.

More about the game: The campaign features both single player and co-op, while Multiplayer allows up to four players. Not much has been revealed on the Multiplayer yet. However, we do know that it will be ready on the PC platform within the first quarter of 2013.

For more in-game screenshots, click here.

Source via Joystiq

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