GRA Autocross Round 2: I Won!

AT - Alibaba

Ronald Sudarja of Michelin awarding me the prizes

Having clinched the Runners-Up and Fastest Novice of Class C at the GRA Autocross Round 1, I am completely ecstatic to come out of Round 2 as Champion of Class C. Held at the same venue – KLCC outdoor car park, the event saw 100 contestants competing in 6 different classes. After a disastrous test-run in the morning where my front right brake hose broke, resulting in zero brakes during the run, I really had not expected to have competed at all. Fortunately, partner Stan, who didn’t participate this time round, came to the rescue. A huge, massive thank you to my race partner including the two mysterious mechs who came out of nowhere to sort out my brakes.

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A full write-up and post mortem to come at The R3gister, with more pics!

A huge thank you to GRA (Ian and Jianin you guys rock!) and BF Goodrich for bringing motorsports to the grassroots. Kudos!

Stan looking absolutely thrilled to be surrounded by the GRA ambassadors.

A huge thumbs up before my 2nd run

Faisal of R3 and I in the presence of the GRA ambassadors –
April, Jackie, Joanne + Fiona

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Pictures 1 and 2 courtesy of Victor Chen (photographer for Hypertune magazine)


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  • Anonymous

    aisay… miss it. it was pouring in Puchong that day. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    hey beb ! whale done ! hoooyeee hoooyeeee ! *muahhhhzzzz*

  • Anonymous

    Thanks 5-Cat!

    Thanks weis!

    I promise a good showing for the SSO event tomorrow. I need to qualify for Top 4 (tough, but hey, I always give 100%!) to make it for the event proper on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! U are the man! Gambateh!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Vernie! 😀 Best of luck for this Fri and Sat!
    ~5-Cat Style

  • Anonymous

    Thanks guys and girls! Looking forward to the coming SSO this Friday. Peeing in my pants in excitement.

    I need to make Top 4 to run on Saturday. Damn it. Really really challenging, the SSO. Every time.

  • Anonymous


    keep up the good work 🙂

  • <![CDATA[Urahara-Sv]]>

    ur great! inspiring to watch ur runs.. want to participate one day in such events!

  • <![CDATA[Auntie Poh Lin]]>

    So proud of you lah, bro!! What a fantabulous way to start the year. May good luck and all great stuff dog you this year, V man.

  • <![CDATA[daryl]]>

    Vern FYI the mysterious mechs work at YSKhong and are friends of Deongster. Congrats again on your win.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks 8555, shan and Daryl!

    daryl, yes I know they are freelance YS Khong mechs 🙂 Have to thank Deongster for pulling them over.

  • Anonymous

    yay congrats dude! I’m feeling the car love too – my friend just bought a very cool car so have been drooling over it shamelessly.
    I now know what VVTL-i means – am not feeling very girly today 😀
    Congrats again.

  • Anonymous

    hey good on you man! I was there too! your car looked during during the race. maybe i’ll participate one day…

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