Fortnite Revelation at San Diego Comic-Con!

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For the ones who missed the last VGA, Fortnite might be an unfamiliar sight for you bunch. Brought to you by Epic Games, the creators of Gears of Wars, Fortnite is what you call a “Cooperative Sandbox Survival Game” – That’s a mouthful.

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According to Destructoid, the gameplay similar to the likes of Minecraft but minus the blocky graphics. The game focuses on working together with friends to go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ for tools to build forts. When the sun sets, defending the said fort from the forces of darkness is the main gameplay.

Why Is It Fun?

Fortnite absolutely needs teamwork. It is designed to be played with friends. Tanya Jessen, the producer explained that different personality types playing together was one of their inspirations, and the game does not force you to be all offensive or defensive, it is suited for everyone. For example, players who like to set up camping nests can stay back to defend or fortify the base, players who prefer to hunt aggressively like a raging bull/Indiana Jones exploration style can always scavenge supplies.

Weaponize Me!

Weapon upgrades is one of the many features in this game. Being sieged by hordes of enemies? Upgrade your weapons to shoot three darts at once to take them out more effectively. Electrical upgrade to shock and freezing upgrade to frost are available as well.

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What am I Up Against?

Destructoid mention that, there was one specific enemy that hides in shadows, climbing up and moving through walls. To make things even worse, the Troll ( I did not make this name up) is also an annoying thief, however it cannot go through any walls when carrying a stolen item.

How Does Scavenging Work?

Hunting for supplies works in a very simple manner, chop trees to get wood. The other forms of resources were not mentioned, once all resources are gathered, building go up in a matter of seconds. Protect it well because it is vulnerable to attacks, neglecting it will only lead to ruins.

We Want More News!

Sad to say that I can only bring you that much info about the gameplay. However, the panel also revealed that Fornite would be the first game ever to use Epic’s new Unreal Engine 4.

Not only that, this might be grave news for some console gamers out there. It has been confirmed that Fortnite would be a PC exclusive title only.

See it on shelves on 2013. So many games, so little time.

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