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Shell celebrates 125 years in Malaysia  through art project featuring famous local artists

One and a quarter century. That’s a long time. Since discovering the first drop of oil in the “Oil Town” Miri, Shell Malaysia has fueled Malaysia’s progress through innovation. Malaysia has grown tremendously in this 125 years–from its humble agricultural beginnings, to a now bustling, developing country. To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Shell unveiled Celebrating 125 Years–an art project involving famous artists including the legendary Datuk Lat, Cheeming Boey, Sabek, Yap Hanzhen, Amey Sheikh Ali, Caryn Koh, Tom Powell, and Dmojo.

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Peter Pan the Musical – The Magical Adventure Begins!

Peter Pan the Musical

Anyone remembers Steven Spielberg’s “Hook”? It starred Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook, Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Julia Roberts as the very hot, Tinker Bell. Or maybe Disney’s animated feature “Return to Neverland”?

Regardless of the myriad varying interpretations, Peter Pan is an intriguing story of a michievous boy who can fly and never grows old, has hot companions like fairy Tinker Bell and leader of his gang the Lost Boys from Never Land; and battles the evil Captain Hook on his pixie-dust-enchanted pirate ship. It’s an adventure about belief, friendship and imagination.
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Liyana Fizi: The Interview


Photos by Andrew Lee of Art Dynamics

If you’ve never heard of Liyana Fizi then you’ve probably also never heard of indie-folk-pop band Estrella. You’ve probably also never heard of the addictive song “Stay” either. Heck, I bet you don’t listen to radio much. Because if you have heard of Liyana Fizi, then you’ll know that she is an incredibly talented KL-born singer/songwriter who first debuted in 2006 through her ex-band Estrella.

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Worst Movie of 2008 – In The Name of The King


I’m sorry to Jason Statham fans. But this has got to be and possibly the worst movie of 2008. I’ve never been a fan of The Transporter, the very movie that catapulted Jason to stardom. Not even the yummilicious Leelee Sobieski could save this unneccessary, appalling movie. Not the bad story. Nor the bad acting, casting, costumes, cinematography and script. I watched it all of five minutes before I deduced it as a complete waste of time. However, I gave it chance (maybe I shouldn’t have) for another 25 minutes to see if there was a chance it would improve. But heck no. It didn’t. And not since a very, very long time that I’ve walked out of a movie. This movie, unfortunately, (and fortunately for my sanity and sake of preserving my intelligence) deserves to be bludgeoned and condemned for what it is and what it represents (shit movies which waste your time and money). A complete waste of my RM11. And 30 minutes of my life.
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The Girl From Ipoh – Looked like tasty hor fun, but not quite…

“Doncha wish your hor fun was smooth like me,
Doncha wish your ngar choy was fresh like me,

Sang the all-girl LiT performers, half of what made up Low Ngai Yuen’s The Girl From Ipoh musical drama, which was performed from the 9th – 13th November 2005. I happened to catch the performance on the final night with my boo, parents and brother Vince + girlfriend Jo. Pentas 1 of KLPAC was packed. I wondered if it was the strength of the play or the attraction of the gorgeous Carmen Soo who brought in the eager numbers. Joanne Kam Poh Poh and former Miss Malaysia Elaine Daly were amongst the audience.
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Encore – A Musical To Call Our Own!

Polished. Engaging. Beautiful.

If there were three words to describe the Malaysian musical – Encore, the aforementioned would be apt. Produced by Lew Chee Seong, directed by Chee Sek Thim and presented by the Five Arts Centre, Encore is an eclectic ensemble of musicals, of origins we can only claim as truly Malaysian.

Held at the beautiful Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), Encore features piano skills from singer-songwriter Shanon Shah, singers Alex Koh, Chee Sek Thim, Ida Mariana, Sukania Venugopal and Tony Eusoff.
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