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Time to rethink password security as we know it

By now, everyone of you should know or have at least heard of the security breach experienced by one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world – eBay Inc.

To recap, Reuters reported that the San Jose, California-based giant acknowledged at that hackers raided its network three months ago, accessing some 145 million user records in what is poised to go down as one of the biggest data breaches in history, based on the number of accounts compromised.

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Third time lucky, will the Surface Pro 3 make an impact?

All eyes were on a little known brand last week here in Malaysia, when nascent Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi Corporation launched its flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 3. What’s more interesting is that the company claimed to have sold 4,000 units in a mere 17 minutes!

Pretty impressive, I must say. But moving away from all that attention-grabbing news here in Malaysia last week, one headline that was slightly out of focus from the eyes of the media was the launch of Microsoft’s latest laptop-buster, the Surface Pro 3.

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MNOs vs OTTs: A shootout at ‘mobile Corral’ [Part 2]

Last week, I wrote about how I find great irony in the fact mobile network operators (MNOs) such as the Vodafones, Oranges and SingTels of the world are today asking Internet-based over-the-top (OTT) players such as the Facebooks and Googles of the world to begin paying for what they use on top of what the former companies provide as basic broadband to their customers.
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