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Desperately trying to save the green stuff aka ka-ching in my piggy bank but it doesn’t seem to be going very well. We at vernonchan.com all knew that for the upcoming 3 months, we would starve just to buy all our favorite games. These are the months where hottest video game titles will be unleashed into the market, burning a very deep hole in our pockets. Dear avid gamers, here’s a list of upcoming video game titles for the PC coming in September 2012. While we would love to review all of these for you, we unfortunately have NO budget. Sadface ensues.

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Closure (7th September)

A monochromatic Puzzle Solving Game. Do I really need to elaborate more?

I am Alive (13th September)

Now, it’s the PC version that is being released. A survival action game in an apocalyptic modern day civilization. You need to survive.




F1 2012 (18th September)

Codemasters brand new Formula One Racing game, specifically made for F1 enthusiasts!


Borderlands 2 (18th September)

Guns, guns, and more guns – a Bagazillion more. Borderlands 2 kicks you back to Pandora for more epic loots, to blow up Psychoes, Perverts and mutants to kingdom come.

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Baldur’s Gate Enhance Edition (18th September)

The legendary RPG in High Definition! Try it!

World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria (25th September)

For Pandaria! Explore the green, ancient hills of the Pandaren. You can even play as one!




Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (TBA – September )

Want more Armor to blow your enemies? Jets does not satisfy you? Get this latest BF3 DLC.


The Sims 3: Supernatural (TBA –┬áSeptember)

Turns your Sims into paranormal being by purchasing this expansion set!

If you think this is a good gaming month, wait for October. It might leave an even bigger hole in your wallet. Stay tune for the next post for the upcoming video games.

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