Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Breaks Record “Sales-A-Day”

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Games sales went ballistic.

The most anticipated First Person Shooter (FPS) of the year has broken some records. Convincingly. This time it’s sales records and sales in a day.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 set the highest record sales in a day, making over $500 million. This was recorded from the launching day, globally accumulated from various countries, various platforms and not only in the US.

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Notably, the COD Franchise Sales Figures Has Been Increasing With Release of Each New Ones

The feat has left many mouths agape to the staggering figures produced from just a single game title. This has even exceeded beyond movie ticket sales of Star Wars franchise and even Harry Potter .

Additionally, their “Surprise” trailer on YouTube received around 32 million plus viewers since its launch. Not bad for a short trailer with some recognisable Hollywood and YouTube stars in it.

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Surprise! 32 million viewers and rising!

“Can the gaming industry really make money?” Surprise, surprise, seems like it can!

P/S: Since they’ve made so much money, how will the community benefit from it? Activision better have something nice for its gaming customers 🙂

Source: Mashable

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