“Boot Hill Heroes” – Wild West RPG Coming Soon, With 1 – 4 Co-op


Meet David Welch and Ben, who gave birth to Experimental Gamer, an Indie Games Development team and the creators of Boot Hill Heroes (BHH), a Wild West Retro RPG that tells a tale about a farm boy and his three friends in a quest to expose a conspiracy by putting the notorious Saints-Little gang behind bars and saving Wild Wild West (probably).  They will venture through Indian villages, ranches, gold mines, prisons and into the core of the American Wild West culture.

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What is Boot Hill Heroes?  

Inspired by Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III and IV, BHH is a true retro RPG. What we have here is more combat text oriented, SNES still animation and of course, simply-basic RPG UI with four commands – attack, wait, guard or flee.

BHH gameplay can take up to 4 players at one go. What more can you possibly ask for? So, remember to tell your friends about this new spaghetti western ‘classic’.

Game Information
Genre:  Retro RPG, Spaghetti Western
Players:  1-4 Local Coop
Target Release: 10/2012
Platform:  Windows / Xbox Live Indie Games

Here’s a video:

P.S They are now in need of cash and are open to donations. Donations will be used to create awesome audio for the game. This project is funded by Kickstarter. 

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