18 Hari Raya videos you shouldn’t miss watching this year (UPDATED)

Best Hari Raya videos 2017

The Next 10 Hari Raya videos

Audi: “Nak Ikut Boleh Tak?”

Digi: “Kasih sayang adalah duit raya terbaik”

KFC: “Joget Abah”

BSN: “Selamat-kan Hari Raya”

MYNIC: “Lagi-lagi Bahulu Mak” #lagilagiabahulumak

Yeo’s: “Diari Ramadhan Opah” #DiariRamadhanOpah

MyEG: “Gitar Buruk”

100 Plus: “Aktifkan Ramadanmu”

Poslaju: “Tepung Pelita Untuk Abah”

The Balangs Cookies: “Balang”

For me, it’s hard to pick the winner and besides this isn’t a competition. But if I had to choose a handful, it’s a close race between TNB, CIMB, Digi, Telekom, MAB, Astro Gempak and U Mobile.

What do you think? Which video is your favourite Hari Raya video? Is there any more I’ve missed? Hit the comments below. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to share!


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