Assassin’s Creed III reveals New Co-op play & Game Modes!

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It has been announced in San Diego Comic-Con that Assassin’s Creed III will now be providing new Co-op play and multiple modes for players. Killing our friends in the new game modes might be a blissful experience.

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According to Destructoid, there are two type of modes that are currently available. First is Wolf Pack, where you and your friends are on a co-op mission, hunting down AI targets. These mission must be completed  within a given time, plus the players will need to accumulate a certain amount of points in order to kill the next target. Most importantly, stylish kills will reward you with higher points, while sloppy kills net lower points.

Timing and teamwork are essentials to the game. After killing a target, the team must quickly seek out the next designated target and eliminate them as quickly as possible to advance to the next wave. Obviously, waves will get more difficult as you progress. In addition, killing targets simultaneously will also add a big bonus to the team.


The second game mode is Domination, it is a four-versus- four match that requires players to hold and capture as much territory as possible. Some of you might be thinking, “Just kill the one guarding it and proceed capture. Easy as pie.” Problem is, who mentioned anything about killing the enemy within their territory? Here is the fun part, killing trespassers is possible but they can still immobilize you for a brief moment. Same goes to the trespassers , in order to kill the defenders within their territory, you will need to capture the point and then proceed to killing mayhem.

Players will have 3 set of skills to choose from, one is a dedicated range weapon (poison dart and stuff.) Second and third are utility skills such as smoke bombs, invisibility, disguise, invulnerability and so on. It appears that Ubisoft also introduced a dynamic weather system on the maps, where there will be snow, fog, storms and more I believe.

Expect Assassin’s Creed III to be available in stores on 30th October 2012.

Personal note to Ubisoft: Will there be chance that you can actually fight on a ship? Perhaps a Multiplayer Naval Battle? That would be cool.

Source Via Destructoid

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  • Ziwen

    Good to have you around Arms and thanks for reading. Remember to check the ACIII review when it is out!

  • Arms

    I really need to get my hands on this game… have to wait till I get a new laptop though because of the graphics! 😀 And I haven’t even finish the first AC!

    btw, Arms here blogwalking… I came all the way from:

    🙂 And happy Monday!

    • vernieman

      Same here. Money, money, money!

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