Another Gaming Company In Trouble: OnLive


It is sad to see so many gaming companies going through troubled times this year. The newest victim; OnLive, the cloud gaming company that has been reported to be closing soon.

OnLive which was launched in 2010 showed capabilities of becoming a potential console killer due to its promising console-like speed over broadband. This was made known to many, especially console makers, Sony and Microsoft on the threat it can become. Sadly, that threat is over, for the moment.

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A tweet which was relayed from InXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo, reported that he received an email from a recent-fired staff who wrote that the company(OnLive) has collapsed. It wrote that all workers in OnLive are losing their jobs and a new company would be formed in OnLive’s place.

However, an OnLive spokesperson commented to Cnet that  “We don’t respond to rumors.” Despite the silence, news about the potential closure is spreading like bonfire.

A  senior correspondent at IDG News Service tweeted from outside of OnLive offices, seeing workers leave with moving boxes. His tweet writes on noticing 3 people walking out of OnLive in the last twenty minutes and it is still unclear what’s happening.

Now, this shows the potential path of the company of either being taken over by other giants or filing for bankruptcy to dissolve and form a new company instead.

This is yet another blow to the gaming industry, losing such a potential competitor to the other giants may set the gaming industry a few steps back or worse, start a chain reaction of destruction throughout companies in times to come. Who knows?

Still, I hope for the best for OnLive and its replacement.

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