Memories are forever, and now your Instagram Stories can be, too

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Instagram Stories New Features

Introduced and made popular by Snapchat, the impermanent “Stories” feature has encroached into popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and even instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The 24-hour expiration date is now expired (pun intended), at least on Instagram, as a new feature rollout lets you archive your Stories, so you can keep them forever.

Story Archive, as Instagram calls it, lets you save your past Stories beyond the 24-hour limit. Before this feature existed, you can separately save Stories to your phone’s photo gallery. By the way, only you can see your archives Stories or Posts, and have the option to turn this off if you love living in 24-hour silos.

Another major feature is Story Highlights which lets you “highlight” a favourite archived Stories on your profile screen. Highlighted Stories appear as circles on your profile.

Instagram Stories New Features

While I don’t personally browse through profiles, except when I want to find out a little bit more about someone I’m about to follow (or someone who has followed me), Story Highlights adds value to one’s profile.

Update your Instagram to enjoy both new features, on iOS and Android.

I’m personally on the fence with this. The beauty about Stories is that it’s instant and temporary. It urges one to be creative, to be unplanned, spur-of-the-moment. And the premise of Stories is so that you share more, and share constantly.

With the new feature rollout, it kind of destroys the entire foundation Stories is built upon. But maybe I’ll change my mind.

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So, what do you think of these two new features from Instagram? Should Stories be instant and temporary? Or should they be forever?


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