Volkswagen Jetta officially axed from lineup

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Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta, Volkswagen’s slow-selling C-segment sedan has had its production halted. It now sits on the list of discontinued models alongside the VW Scirocco which was axed just recently. Read on to learn more.

Volkswagen UK has officially discontinued its only C-segment sedan in its lineup, due to low demand. The company only sold 379 units of the Jetta sedan from 1 January until 1 October 2017. In comparison, VW sold 5,398 units of the Passat sedan and 52,722 Golf hatchbacks. According to Autocar UK, the Jetta has also been removed from the German VW website.

As of now, it is still uncertain if the Jetta will be axed completely at a global level, but seeing as the UK sales for the car is dwindling rapidly, it might be a reality for the firm very soon. The Jetta isn’t the only model from the VW brand to be axed, as the Scirocco which had better sales than the Jetta in was also discontinued not too long ago.

As the trend of SUVs and hot-hatchbacks like the VW Golf and VW Polo increase, more buyers are moving away from the traditional and rather boring sedan department. Meaning that the VW Passat is the only sedan left to survive in the UK market.

As for the fading Jetta, VW UK is currently clearing stock of the final units. But the number of units left is likely to be less than a thousand. VW UK also closed the order books for the Jetta. This means that the slowest selling VW model currently is the Beetle, with as little as 1,344 units sold from January until Octobe.r

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Back on local soil, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) is still selling the Jetta in its facelifted form. Of course, VGM is currently having a “Sedanza” promotion and is selling the Jetta along with the Vento and Passat at attractive prices.

Source: Volkswagen UK

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