Rio 2016: Akamai delivers 100x more live video data than London and Sochi combined

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Akamai Rio 2016

The biggest sporting event in the world – Rio 2016 Olympic Games is still under way in Brazil. Like many of you, I’ve been catching up with my favourite sports–badminton, athletics, diving, women’s beach volleyball (ahem) via the internet and mobile. The demand for live streaming and online video content has seen a massive increase. This year’s games in fact, may be the most-watched online event in history.

Behind the scenes, Akamai, the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services has been working with more than 50 broadcasters worldwide to live stream the games.

Akamai Rio 2016

According to Akamai, it “delivered more video data in the first eight days of Rio than it did for all 34 days of London and Sochi combined.” That’s astonishing.

As the games continue to engage the world, Akamai publishes near real-time data to its microsite.

Akamai Rio 2016

On the site you can check out:

  • Numbers of simultaneous viewers
  • Average video bitrate delivered
  • Maximum peak traffic
  • Regional viewing heat map

Akamai Rio 2016 Akamai Rio 2016 Akamai Rio 2016

To date, the maximum peak traffic has topped 4.53Tbps with a peak audience size of 1.54M per day. The average video bitrate is 2.75Mbps.

Check out the Akamai Rio 2016 microsite.

Akamai Rio 2016

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