[CES 2015] New Lenovo YOGA family brings Any Pen technology and RealSense 3D to consumers

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YOGA 3: The flexible modern notebook

The new YOGA 3 comes in 11-inch and new 14-inch configuration with a backlit display. Known for its ultra-thinness, both convertibles measure 18.3mm or less.

The 14-inch model gives you more screen real estate without compromising on weight and size as it is built in a 13-inch chassis.

The 11-inch model remains the lightest convertible in the YOGA family measuring just 15.8mm thin and weighing at a scant 1.1kg.

The classic, and much copied YOGA two-hinge design allows for 360-degree flexibility with its unique four modes — Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet. The hinge has been refined further now allowing smoother opening and closing, and the ability to lay the notebook flat at 180 degrees.

Thin they may be but the YOGA convertibles still pack plenty of power and performance with up to 5th generation Intel Core i7 processors on the 14-inch model.

The new YOGA convertibles feature super bright and sharp FHD screen, fast 802.11 A/C WiFi, superior sound with stereo speakers and Waves audio.

Lenovo includes its intelligent Harmony software that helps you customise applications and adapts to different apps and conditions — automatic brightness adjustment when reading, motion control or optimised audio settings in specific modes. It also recommends new apps to users.

The new YOGA 3 comes in Clementine Orange, Platinium Silver, new Chalk White or Ebony Black.

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