TMgo, TM’s 4G service to officially launch 8 August 2014

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Some time last month, we posted a leak about Telekom Malaysia‘s upcoming 4G LTE wireless service, called TMgo. Looks like it’s official, and all will be revealed tomorrow – 8 August 2014.

TM is the ninth entrant into the 4G LTE market, and while later than the usual suspects, is a natural complement to its traditional fixed line and HSBB businesses.

TMgo will run on the 850Mhz frequency, as we’ve understood, and will roll out with two devices – a USB adapter and mobile router (MiFi).

TM reportedly will have 250 sites in Phase 1 of its roll-out, with a total of 500 sites planned nationwide.

TMgo devices

The 4G LTE service has undergone some extensive testing in Kedah. The initial roll-out is expected to be at Pendang, Kedah and Melaka Tengah, Melaka.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates tomorrow.


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