WeChat goes racing

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WeChat Speed

WeChat Speed

WeChat, popular social communications app, is proving it isn’t just an app for chatting and exchanging emotions but it can deliver on the entertainment side of things too. Petrolheads may just be thrilled by the introduction of WeChat’s new mobile racing game, WeChat Speed.

Just a day since its launched, WeChat Speed raced to the top of the iOS App Store free games charts.

With cutting-edge 3D graphics and heart-pounding action, the addictive game offers hours of fierce, high-speed fun.

WeChat Speed

Choose a competition, your car and most appealing terrain and off you go. Get to the finish line first to be crowned champion.

Along the way you can collect coins, hijack trucks, receive turbochargers, avoid helicopter attacks and collect bonuses.

The cool thing is, you can compete against your friends too.

WeChat is available fro download on Nokia X, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows.

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