PayPal Now Integrated into Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub

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PayPal is now a payment option across the Samsung ecosystem with the popular payment system now integrated into Samsung Apps and Hub stores and connecting Samsung Apps developers worldwide.

PayPal has been working with developers since 2009 to monetize their applications. Hundreds of thousands of developers around the world now use PayPal. With PayPal, now Samsung Apps developers can get paid quickly and securely, gaining access to 132 million PayPal customers all over the world.

PayPal will make purchases of apps, music, movies, TV shows, e-books and games through Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub easier, safer and faster.

Samsung Hub

PayPal has witnessed rapid growth in mobile transactions over the past few years. PayPal’s mobile payment volume increased from US$141 million in 2009 to US$14 in 2012. This year, the company expects to hit US$20 billion in mobile payment volume.

PayPal is available for Samsung Apps developers globally and is a payment option for Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub in Malaysia, as well as in eight other markets including Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the UK. US support is coming soon.

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  • I dislike PayPal, but a lot of people do like it especially in the US. It is only natural that Samsung had to integrate it in order to offer choice people like.

    • Yes indeed. Consumer choice is always part of Samsung’s broad strategy.