How’s This For an Idea? Sony QX10 Lens on a BlackBerry Q10

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QX10 on a Q10

We’re fresh from Sony‘s regional media launch event in Kuala Lumpur, where the electronics giant revealed the new flagship Sony Xperia Z1 “Honami” smartphone, the intriguing QX Lens series and the new Sony Smart Watch 2. Joining media from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, we come out mighty impressed with both products.

The QX Lens family – QX10 and QX100 are Sony’s innovative take on amateur smartphone-based photography, an add-on accessory that effectively gives you up to 20.7MP image resolution, with up to 10x optical zoom. The lens latches on to a Sony, Android or iOS smartphone and pairs via Wi-Fi or NFC. The Sony Play Memories app then controls the camera. Images are saved on the lens’ SD card, transferred to smartphone and optionally saved to the cloud.

QX10 on a Q10. The first image tweeted by

QX10 on a Q10. The first image tweeted by

But wait, here’s an idea. What if we use a QX10 lens on a BlackBerry Q10? We had a crazy idea and had it plugged to our Q10 review unit. And suddenly, it isn’t as crazy as it looks or sounds. All we need now, is for BlackBerry developers to come out with a .bar file for the app, so we can sideload into BB10 devices. Opens a whole new world to picture-taking on the BlackBerry platform.


QX10 on a Q10

The Q100 will retail for US$499 and the QX10 for US$250. Sony has officially informed us that Malaysian availability will be in mid-October.

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  • Dylan

    Already available from what I hear. Virtually all android apps can be ported to BB10

    • Can’t wait to sideload it and try!