[Video] A Glimpse of the Future of TV: According to Samsung

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File pic: Samsung @ CES 2011
File pic: Samsung @ CES 2011

File pic: Samsung @ CES 2011

To pre-empt the launch of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung has created a video on how television has evolved over the years and the different cultures that came along with its transformation.

Video after the jump. Enjoy!

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Each scene represents a different year:

1958 – Considered the dawn of TV’s ‘golden age’

1969 – Year of the lunar landing, a universally shared TV moment

1986 – The height of the VHS fitness craze, birth of MTV and midpoint for 80’s fashion and culture

2004 – The year high-definition became reality for most people, and DVR started to see broad adoption

2010 – The Year of 3D

The much-anticipated annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where the world’s leading technology players and consumer electronics manufacturers showcase their latest innovations and products. It will be held from 10-13 January 2012 in Las Vegas, USA.  Samsung will be presenting its ‘Future of SMART TV’ at CES.


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