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I apologise if you haven’t been able to access for over 24 hours (by right I shouldn’t be the one apologising, but heck…) The site went down circa 2.30pm on Tuesday, August 16 2011, with a 500 internal server error and this continued for over a day. Our webhost, much to my dismay and disappointment did not respond to any queries via emails (several sent) aside from an automated support ticket. This continued for 18 hours from the time of incident. The downtime and blackhole subsequently affected all other sites I host with Exabytes including, and forum. I host some 10-15 domains over several hosting accounts with Exabytes. I redirected main affected sites to respective Facebook pages temporarily since matters remained unresolved.

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Testing my patience further, still no email responses whatsoever. No explanation of the downtime and errors. Nothing from Tech Support. Nothing from Customer Service.

Only after frantic tweets in yesterday morning till afternoon did @Exabytes_MY respond, yet matters were unresolved.



So is this the level of service one should receive from their webhost? How about the 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support? Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for customer service? How about basic etiquette and courtesy in responding to queries? Technical issues are not uncommon but leaving customers guessing and general unresponsiveness really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. So much for professionalism and delivering on promises.

I expect an official email/letter from to explain their total mismanagement of the situation and hopefully I will receive this before 2012 (which some say is the end of the world).

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Needless to say, I will be moving hosts. Bear with me while goes through the transfer. Thanks for all your support and patience!

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Vernon, 

    For, we are hosting it with SKALI.  So far so good.  No problem 🙂 

  • Rebecca Saw

    Oh yay! Your site is up!!! 🙂 

  • Let’s see how they explain about it.

    • They still haven’t officially responded. I still don’t know what has happened.

    • They haven’t explained anything at all.

  • I have always known them to not be reliable. Go find a better host, plenty out there. Good luck bro!

    • Will be moving, certainly! Thanks for the support!

      • mICHaeL Liu

        try godaddy ! woohoO~

        • Hey michael,

          Most of my domains are purchased with GoDaddy but hosting done locally. Am moving to for all my hosting soon. 🙂