Google+ App Coming to Windows Phone 7

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Google+ logoIt seems Google is working overtime with Google+, first making its mobile app available on Android (naturally) then swiftly iOS (iPhone) and now it appears that the Windows Phone 7 app is on the way.

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook, featuring innovations like Circles, Huddle and Hangouts. Circles enables users to drag and drop contacts into different groups which allows for content sharing and messaging to specific groups. Huddle is a group chat feature where users can share real time messages with each other. Think multi-window video conferencing. Hangouts allow you to interact with your Circles via live webcam.

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Since its launch several months ago, Google+ has already seen 20 million sign-ups and growing. How this pans out over the long run remains to be seen. Google+ is set to introduce Business Profiles (ala Facebook’s Pages) and games soon.

To join Google+, users still need to get an invitation, although Google more liberal issuing invitations now. Don’t have a Google+ account yet? Drop me your email and I’ll send you an invite.

In the mean time, I am impatiently waiting for the Windows Phone 7 app. Hurry, Google!

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