The Ultimate Hennessy Artistry Party Experience, Penang – Day 3 & 4

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The Party Moves from Penang to KL!

Hennessy Artistry

After what can only be described as an awesome couple of days of mega partying and glorious indulgence in food, the thought of leaving beautiful Penang was a little bit saddening. We’ve been subject to much pampering thanks to Hennessy! I randomly recollected the past couple of days while packing to leave Northam Suites. Exhilarating to say the least. From meeting the likes of Vandalism, Spinderella and Kyoto Protocol, to bouncing to the funky beats in Voodoo and MOIS, to tingling our taste buds at CHIN’s and the rich Penang hawker fare. Superb.

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Nasi kandar lunch!

Nasi kandar lunch!

Lunch was nasi kandar for some of us, after checking out from the hotel. Finally got a taste of Penang’s famous nasi kandar, although this wasn’t at Nasi Kandar Beratur or Line Clear. Still, the meal of curry, chicken, fish and squid was fulfilling. Something as mundane as lunch was still an adventure – I had a slight incident with a flying prawn. Look out for that in full HD video soon!

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It was mighty rushed from then on. From bus to Penang International Airport, to KLIA, then to Sunway Pyramid Tower hotel. By the time we checked in, it was already 5.30pm. To make matters worse, I only packed two outfits for Penang as I thought I’d have some time to go home and get dressed for the KL leg. Unfortunately, it was a resounding impossibility due to the tight schedule. Who said partying was easy? So off I scooted off to buy an outfit at Sunway Pyramid. Was lucky to have successfully purchased within half hour or so. Had a little time to shower, dress up then dinner at Atrium Cafe.

Rebecca, Venice & Helenness

Hawt ladies all in a row!

The girlies looked absolutely hot and the dudes cool, as per usual! Dinner was pretty good, and bloggers being bloggers, we were busy snapping pics of the food and each other!

The juicy Helenness!

The juicy Helenness!

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The party at Opera, Sunway kicked of at around 9pm. Throngs of people were already there, queuing to get in. We, as VVIPs, didn’t have to queue long though. The only boo was that the personal RFID tags that VVIPs got, didn’t work for some due to technical issues. The use of RFID tags is a pretty cool innovation. When you play on of the games, you can tag yourself in, essentially “checking-in” like you would on Foursquare. Your scores are posted on the Hennessy Artistry Facebook Wall. Pretty cool stuff.

Me & the hot Venice

Me & the hot Venice

Me, Adil, Hakim

Me, Adil, Hakim

The futsal gang!

The futsal gang!

Met some familiar faces up at the Blogger/Media area, including futsal team-mates. Being a major event, expect to see some superstars and celebrities and true enough they were there in droves -Henry Golding, Chantelle Chuah and Hansen Lee. We were “well-fed” with drinks, and I swear I didn’t stop drinking till the end, since the party started for me at 9pm. I.had.a.lot. But that’s the idea isn’t it? Surprised I still hold my drink well, haven’t been drinking for a while (aside from Johnnie Walker Black Circuit. I have to admit I am completely hooked on Berry flavour. Couldn’t stop drinking it. I lost count at 20 shots.

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol Rocking it!

Kyoto Protocol, Spinderella and Vandalism again rocked the crowd with their global mix of sounds with similar sets from the event in Penang.

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All in all an exciting, enjoyable couple of days with Hennessy. It would be apt to say that it was an awesome experience. Thank you Hennessy Malaysia for the opportunity. Would I do it again? Hell yes!

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