Video: HPC Track Experience @ Sepang International Circuit

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Fellow HPC driving instructor, friend and Cars.MY teammate Andrew Lee takes my 160bhp 4AGE-powered Toyota LE for some laps during the HPC track experience last weekend at Sepang International Circuit. The car is pretty much stock, with AE101/111 suspension, EBC Green Stuff brake pads and semi-slicks up front. Got my newly acquired ContourHD cam rigged up to grab some footage of the action (some sideways too!).

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We did encounter some problems with the mount which was faulty later, hence some handheld footage later. It was the first time Andrew had driven the car, and he instantly loved it for its complete rawness and franticness.

We took turns to bring the little frantic bunny out. Had tons of fun no doubt. Here’s a video of me:



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