Ms Read Turns 10!

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We were all dumb-founded by the mimes’ antics. Heh.

What’s yours truly doing at a Ms Read event? This actually happened a couple of weeks ago at Bangsar Village II. Almost slipped my mind. Ms Read’s PR agency sent the above pic early in the week.

The event was to celebrate Ms Read’s 10th anniversary and additionally, to launch a new Ms Read retail outlet at BV II. There was plenty of bustle, free bites (thanks to Delicious) and drinks and even gorgeous free flow of ice-cream courtesy of Häagen-Dazs. The attendees (which included a few high society notables) were treated to a fashion show, with womanly models parading Ms Read’s latest range. FYI, the ‘models’ are very everyday people, which is as real as it gets. I told Addie, my soulmate, who actually dragged me to the event – it’s called ‘real women’, much unlike the skinny, anorexic models we’re so exposed to in fashion magazines and TV.

Mimes were all over the place as we nibbled on finger food and sipped our drinks. After the unravelling of the new store, we were ushered to a rather dainty and welcoming dinner venue, somewhere on the 2nd floor. The food was gorgeous, kudos to Delicious! Also bumped into friend, Angie, who was covering the event for Malay Mail, her new employer of just over a month or so.

Founder, Helen Read made a speech after Ben, her son had done his little tribute to the business and of course, his mom. Plenty to enjoy after, with a jazz performance by Atilia and a sketch by some lady (whom I didn’t really care about, hence forgot her name!).

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All in all, a fun event with lovely company and great food! BTW, congrats Ms Read. May you continue to liberate!

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