iMac Intel Hard Drive Failure Woes

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harddrive.jpgNoooOOOOooo. The 160GB hard drive in my 1.5-year iMac Intel Core Duo decided to go bust on me this morning. There was a consistent clucking sound when I disabled the alarm at 8am. The iMac just jammed and did nothing. Had to force restart, then it wouldn’t boot up. I powered down and up a couple of times and managed to log in. Repaired with Onyx then Disk Utility but the machine took ages to power up the next round.

As I had to go to work, I left it at shutdown state. I need to find my copy of TechTool Pro to attempt to diagnose and repair the drive, then retrieve my data. I have tonnes of work in there. I’m really NOT pleased. Hope to be able to retrieve them when I get home late. Arrghhh.

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