Hurrah for Water

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After yesterday’s rather frustrating stinky-poo stint without water, I’m happy to announced that the ‘please-cut-water-supply-to-Vernon’s-apartment-coz-owner-
did-not-pay-maintenance-fees’ fiasco has been resolved. My apartment owner has always been late to settle due maintenance fees. This time round, since last year. The management informed that they will no longer be lenient and will not hesitate to sever water supply and penalise the owner/tenants if dues are not settled.

I had no choice but to make part settlement of the dues (I could only afford RM500 at this point), but it was sufficient to reconnect water supply. I’ll make it a point to pay the maintenance fees on behalf of my owner, using part of the month’s rent.

At least I don’t have to shower at the pool toilet like I had to this morning. Dammit!

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