Water, water everywhere!

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There is never a compromise is there? No grey area. It’s either black or white. Pregnant or not pregnant. Never half pregnant. Half empty half full. No idea what I’m babbling about? It’s the weather. Although no stranger to the tropical weather, monsoons and what not, sometimes I wish for some moderate, in-between type climate.

I mean in Malaysia we either get a bloody heatwave, or a thunderstorm. The unexpected flash floods that hit the city just two days ago is testament of how crazy and unforgiving Malaysian rains can be. Just when I was complaining about the unbearable heat. Hah.

This is nuts.

Jalan Yap Kwan Seng went seriously underwater. And so did many of the major KL roads. And so did my office’s basement car park. Can you imagine Basement 2? It was submerged. One could easily dive in (although I won’t – blurrggh!) and have a swim! Ok, maybe not. The water is sickly murky and full of crap. I got flashbacks of my previous car being semi-submerged a couple of years ago. In the same car park. Doesn’t help when the office is close to the dreaded Gombak river. Time and time again it overflows its bank due to sheer volume of water. And this attributed to only 3 hours of downpour. Imagine if it was longer?

And in the news yesterday, Pak Lah had urged the authorities to speed up drainage works to solve the flood problem. Whatever happened to the mega-ringgit SMART tunnel? No so smart at this point. It’s bloody supposed to solve 95% of the flooding problem.

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I think the 5% was left at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on Sunday. Heh.

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  • my sentiments exactly on the flood.. what’s the point of spending billions of tax payers money on that tunnel, if it can’t take away the flood that just hit us.. and its within 5k vicinity of the flood area man..