What’s with the weather?

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What’s with the bloody weather? It feels like the Middle East! I feel like a hot, fat beef patty on an open flame. (refer to reference image above courtesy of Corbis). Arrgghhh. This isn’t funny at all. I bet it’s 30 degrees now, at 12.30am! This is terrible. It’s muggy, it’s humid, it’s stuffy and hot. Unbearable. I’ve just taken my 5th shower of the day and I still feel crap. I mean feeling sweaty and irritable all day can’t be good right? You what’s the damnest thing? My car airconditioning died on me. It’s unbelievable. I bet I have the sweatiest arse on the road.

Can anyone explain this heat? Arrgh. It’s also pretty hazy. More Indon fires?


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