What’s in a name?

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It feels like years since I last… what was that word again? Blogged. Ah, yes. That very word spurs flashbacks of religious hacking on the keyboard, sometimes in wee hours of the morning, sometimes sneakily in a tiny browser window at the office, posting my latest entry. Hmm… the disease called blogghorrea.(er, ok, it’s made up!).

I’ve been busy. Seriously have been. With work and what not. No motorsports events, sadly. Except for one coming up on April 22 which is the R3-HPC Track Experience, where I’ll be driving one of the race-prepped Super 1600 Satrias (yes, the same one I drove during the MME2006 Driver Selection program). That should be fun. But other than that, it’s been work and work.

Oh, I’ve been bitten by the domain name bug. Thanks to great discounts from Exabytes and GoDaddy, I got domains from as low as RM9.99 per year. I finally got www.vernonchan.com, www.skratchstore.com, www.thebaoz.com registered alongside a couple reserved for future projects – www.doinktees.com and www.geekshirt.biz. This should kill me next year when I have to pay full price for renewal, but heck, I’m glad I did it.

Expect some updates soon. Till then, cheerios!

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