Anti-sedentary Flabby Ass Cheeks Speaks

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My 33-year old body hurts. That’s no thanks to three sedentary weeks. Three weeks without futsal, gym workouts or any other physical exercise (no, sex does not count!). It’s amazing how much damage inactivity does to your body.

After postponing my first visit to the gym of the month on Tuesday, I decided Thursday was it. I was also motivated by the fact that buddy Faeez and colleague Hon was going as well. Faeez “Hard Your Core” has turned hardcore these days, not only has he extended his personal training program and started protein supplements, he is also aggressively working out six out of seven days in a week. Now, that my unfit buddies, is commitment. Some call it madness. This is the best example of self-motivation and discipline. And I salute that.

My goal is 4 times a week, including a day of futsal and I’m happy if I can consistently do that. What I regret not doing for the past 3 weeks was to a least work out a day or two in a week, and not rot at home in front of the computer, or stuffing myself over the Chinese New Year break.

Shit happens.

Anyways, Faeez and I worked out together, doing supersets of upperbody and abs yesterday. It’s good to have a gym buddy to push you. Well, my body’s aching, so that’s got to be a good sign – thus the cliched saying, “No pain, no gain.” I’m glad I’m back working out and looking forward to my personal training session on Saturday.

Hard your core!

Anti-sedentary Flabby Ass Cheeks

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